First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes your family with sex advice?

Husband and I met 2 1/2 years ago and were married this past October.  For some, you could say that was a lot in 2 years but for us it was all a natural step.  After the wedding I did not have any of the post wedding blues that some brides go through.  I was happy it was over with actually.  We had our dream wedding and it all went very well.  We were ready to move on to the next stage of our lives.

Things were packed away.  Thank you cards sent out and we settled into a new normal.  The best part was family finally left us alone.  There I said it.  I was tired of the assumed open door policy that let family peg us with questions about the big day.  We were ready to have our privacy back.  Although we learned, with the Holiday’s right around the corner, we didn’t have much time to catch our breath.

We dove straight into more time with family…yay! or something like that.  It seems those dinners came with new questions into our relationship….

When are you having a baby? Are you doing it right?

We decided to start trying  to get pregnant once we got married as in, that week.  We figured we weren’t getting any younger and my husband has baby fever like you wouldn’t believe.  Ok, I do too but he is worse. We decided to throw birth control out the window and let nature do its thing as we did our thing.  We also didn’t feel the need to announce this to our families but they seemed to have other plans.

When our families started butting in it seemed a bit inappropriate.   Now every time I forgo a glass of wine they question why.  If I say I feel tired they give me a look and every time I turn around they are down right asking if I’m knocked up making me feel a bit like a failure.  They have even brought it upon themselves to give helpful hints and ideas as if the concept of sex is new to us and they were the first person to make a baby correctly.

To be quite honest it is a bit stressful when we were just letting what happens happen without giving it much thought.  To the people who inform me it only took them one drunk night, I tell them I don’t need their advice.  And to our nosy families I say, perhaps if they were having enough sex in their own marriage then they wouldn’t have to be so concerned about when we do it.

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