The Road to Building a House

After the Husband and I started dating we started seriously thinking about where to live together.  Sure, he had moved into my apartment but I was doing everything to get out.  We were ready for a home of our own but we weren’t sure where or how that was going to happen.

We live in a little town north of a large city that we both commute to for work.  Our little town only has so many options on homes for sale and even fewer options of homes for sale that are even worth looking at.  We spent months looking at homes and open houses and walking away feeling a bit defeated.  The options were slim.  We could buy a home and dump a lot of money into it or just cut to the chase and build for the same amount.

With that decision made we had to find a builder.  One would think this is a simple process but it isn’t.  Husband works in the construction field and knows his shit.  At one point we even considered just doing it all ourselves but time and our marriage was on the line.  If building is an option for you then I can not stress how important it is to do your research and educate yourself.  I’m not talking the best bang for your buck because this is not where you go cheap.  While some people were looking at model homes cosmetically we were in the basement looking at what was properly done to code and what wasn’t.  We walked away from many meetings with builders with me telling them to fuck off.  Literally.  Do I look like I just fell out of the city and I’m clueless?

It was frustrating to say the least.  Months worth of frustrating to be exact.

The funny thing is, Husband works with builders all day long but we were afraid to piss in our own pool.  Finally, a bit defeated, one of them just asked to sit down with us and it proved to be the best decision ever.  It took us over a year to get to this place but we are building. 

We have land just a 1/2 mile outside of town, where it feels like we are in the middle of no where.  We have an acre of land on a road that turns to mud with too much rain and I’m fine with that.  We can run 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and Rebecca can have the tree house she wants.  Summer’s will be spent with bonfires in the back yard and stars that go on forever. 

I’ve heard of horror stories when couples choose to  build and so far so good on our end. While we are doing some of the work ourselves, dirt work, concrete, and excavating, it has turned out okay.  Now once we get to picking out tile then we can revisit this topic.  The best part is, we are building our home from scratch.

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