Public Baby-Making

The Husband and I knew we wanted to get pregnant after we were married.  A conversation for the two of us that didn’t really need to involve anyone else.  Boy was I wrong.

I had no idea how quickly friends and family would take it upon themselves to offer opinions and advice on our sex life.  I was literally standing in my wedding dress at our wedding reception when my Aunt grabbed my hand and loudly asked, “So babies, what are you going to be doing about that? Soon?” How does one even answer that?  Sure there is the polite way to tell them it is none of their business but that can be easier said than done.

It took only a few weeks for friends to jump every time I turned down a glass of wine or mentioned I felt tired.  They would nod and say how obviously I was pregnant.  As I had to answer everyone with a “no” the words that followed were perhaps the most annoying. 

Are you having enough sex?

What is your period like?

Don’t worry about it so much!

Are you ovulating?

Put a hammer under your bed.

Stand on your head afterwards.

Quit drinking.

Are you taking the right vitamins?

It only took us one drunk night without a condom! Is something wrong with you?!

And it continues from there.  For the fact that we have shared nothing, people sure have found my business to become theirs quickly.  Rebecca was adopted so this is a whole new world for me.  Suddenly everyone else is getting pregnant BUT us and the more people question the more thought you give things.  We simply haven’t been using birth control for a while and whatever happens from there will happen but people can add stress big time. 

To tell you the truth I didn’t realize the emotional roller coaster this does put you on.  You don’t want to think about it, but you do.  You don’t want to wonder but you do.  You don’t want to stop making plans but you do.  Hell, I don’t know if we should book plane tickets now because who knows what life will hold for us in 9 months. 

I spent years being careful about birth control and doing everything (well, not everything, I was still having sex) to NOT get pregnant so when you suddenly are going against what you have known to do it is a strange feeling. 

This is all stuff I was just not prepared for.  I figured it would easily happen and we would rejoice over two pink lines on a stick but instead we nod month after month and say maybe next month.  Until then we will just enjoy our kick ass sex life and try to ignore everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Public Baby-Making

  1. UGH I hate how opinionated people can be, and so willing to offer advice you dont want or ask for! Isn’t it ironic, to be so safe and careful when you don’t want to get pregnant and then when you want to, it feels impossible? ((hug))

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