Dear Me, Two Years from Now

Dear Me, two years from now,

You wrote a similar letter, two years ago, to yourself and you certainly didn’t regret it so here we go again.  It doesn’t seem like two years goes that quickly but it truly does.

This letter proves to be more difficult than the last because you are rather content right now, yet on the cusp of so many life changing events coming your way.  Not like the last two years hasn’t been crazy enough. 

You always thought the years would get easier with Rebecca yet they have become more trying.  The most important thing is to continue to keep the faith and push that fear away, behind every child is a mother thinking she is screwing it up.  You have not screwed it up, just continue to show her how much you love her and that she always has a home to come home to.  At this time she is quickly growing out of being a young lady and becoming a tween before your eyes.  One day it is dolls and the next it is makeup.  I’m sure by the time you read this again she will be taller than you and dolls will be an embarrassment to carry. Embrace the new part of her life and keep the communication going.

Your husband still gives you butterflies 6 months after marriage and you can’t imagine a world without him.  I hope you are more in love with him now than the day I write this.  Remember to give him a break every now and then, stay behind to cuddle in the morning and kiss him goodnight every night.  Make sure you still have those random late night talks, even if it is about exes.  The dishes can wait till after sex, the laundry he tends to leave around are signs that he is there, and the late nights are signs he is working hard. 

I hope you aren’t still working in the same place.  I hope you have pushed yourself to somewhere new and are chasing your dreams.  I hope baby toys litter your living room and you watch that baby sleep at night, before you know it that baby will be Rebecca’s age. 

I hope you still support your ex-husband, no matter the choices he decides to make, he is on his own path.

I hope you don’t question spending the money but you take the trip with friends because life is too short to not go on vacation.

When you read this your brother and your best friend will be married, your Father may be gone, your Mother will hopefully have her chance to breathe on her own again.  Friends may divorce and more will marry, make sure you don’t get “too busy” with life that you don’t have time for them all. 

You will be out of the dreaded apartment and in the home you built together.  Just when you want to complain about anything in that house, remember how cold this damn apartment gets in the winter. Remember how much of a pain in the ass carrying the groceries up is and how loud the heater gets. 

This is the part where life gets to going faster.  Your family becomes closer and your friends become more like family and are more permanent.  Life is not measured by break ups  and late night parties but by divorces and back yard get togethers.  At this point you are totally fine with it but don’t become boring.  Have sex with your husband on the back deck and have an unplanned drunk night with friends.  Be spontaneous.  It is okay to do that now. 

I’ll see you in two years.  Cheers.

6 thoughts on “Dear Me, Two Years from Now

  1. I tend to do the opposite, in that I write to me in the past. It’s part of my therapy…but maybe, I should try writing a letter to me in the future, as I’m pretty content right now, myself. I liked this post very much!

  2. I LOVE this post and the idea behind it. I really need to do this too. it IS almost harder when life is going so well, isn’t it? I love how you put about your husband’s laundry or things littering, as a sign that he is there, not as a sign of mess. I need to think that way too sometimes 🙂 And six months already, time flies.

    1. I think it comes from missing those little things when my ex-husband moved out…the little things that you take for granted. I have to put my OCD aside and focus a bit more:) And you are right, doesn’t feel like it has been 6 months!!

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