Sometimes it takes wine to make decisions

It seems my Husband and I were off this week.  I have been snappy, he has been tired, the normal ebb and flow to our days seemed to be derailed and we were both going to bed annoyed.  There has been no real reason for it, we can just blame it on the full moon.

Wednesday night I came home later than usual and started dinner.  We had to start our first task of picking things out for the house which is apparently the stone that will go on the front.  The Husband poured my glass of wine that I normally drink while I’m cooking and unfortunately he didn’t put the bottle away.

You see, my Husband doesn’t drink, but he sure likes to get me drunk and that night he thought I needed it.  We laid on the floor looking at picture after picture of stone on the laptop and he kept refilling my glass. Sometimes when I was looking, sometimes when I wasn’t.  I kept drinking and the edge of the week wore off for both of us as we laid there laughing.

We made the first decision for our house and it didn’t kill us.  I know some people have mentioned how horrible choosing things for their home was on their marriage but it has brought us together, with a little help from too much wine.

Last night I met the Husband at the house.  All of the outside walls are up and we could actually stand in the kitchen and look out the window at what will be our back yard.  I could lay on the floor and look up at the open sky where soon our bed will actually be.  It isn’t just concrete  and dirt, it is actually forming into something now. The reality that soon we will be done with the decisions and we can actually pull in our driveway is amazing.

This has been a long road for both of us.  Nine years ago I moved into my apartment thinking my Ex and I would only be there for one year.  I’m beyond ready for this, to land in a place where my husband and I will start our family, where memories for us will continue without the ghost of my ex-husband around.  This is our fresh start and it will take a few more wine nights of my husband pouring but we will make it full of laughter.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes wine to make decisions

  1. Gah, this gave me chills! I love that this is bringing you two together, as it should, I believe, not the reverse, if done properly 😉 and amen to the Husband on giving you wine and wine after wine. That’s a good man!

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