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On the first of the month I told the Husband that I felt like April was just going to be a great month.  It felt positive.  It felt like big things were about to happen. Perhaps it was the hint of spring after this never-ending winter but something just felt different.

Here we are three days into the month and it has been good news after good news from friends. Some have wedding plans coming along, one has come into an inheritance, one has a marriage turning for the better, one is able to move closer to her family and another has found a job she will be happier in.  There is just something wonderful about listening to everyone share their good news and then in turn being able to celebrate with them and cheer them on.  I feel like the crap so many have struggled with over the winter was well worth it.

On my desk I have a note that says “Have faith not fear” and I’ve kept that going with my friends.  I feel like that faith we keep talking about is finally showing itself to the world.  We all need that ray of sunlight from time to time, without it, it seems we are just floating and waiting for something that will never happen.  We do eventually get there and yet we still can stand there shocked wondering how it happened.  Who’s to say we aren’t good enough, especially after we have put in the hard work?

So if you are one of those struggling with your faith in something right now I hope some of this positivity comes your way.  I hope you find that ray of sunshine that seems hard to find and I hope April gives you a chance to breathe.