Because sometimes you have to dance on top of the bar…

I have a friend whose family has become my own.  Together we are all dysfunctional, crazy and a bit off but aren’t most families?  They are the family that has accepted me no matter what and doesn’t question anything as long as I don’t question them.  This weekend all the bits and pieces of the family came from all over and converged on our area.  It was planned around a 5 year olds birthday party but turned into an excuse for the adults.

Just like that, shit got out of control.

We ended up at a local bar, already tipsy from pre-drinking.  We ordered round after round and loosened up, falling back into the same place we left off when we were last together.  For a few hours life outside that bar didn’t exist.  There didn’t need to be polite restaurant manners or fancy dresses.  Instead it was jeans and someone who gave you a helping hand as you jumped on the bar to dance.  Talk didn’t center around safe topics, such as kids and the news.  It was telling my husband old stories of when we were stuck on a river in the rain with an air boat.  We didn’t worry about bills and the adult life we get tired of.  We worried about not crashing into the band when we danced too hard or falling on our asses from the drinks spilt everywhere.

We could party like we were 21 and didn’t have a care in the world for once.  We could lose ourselves in the past and make new memories in the present.  I watched my husband sit with my ex-boyfriend, laughing at God only knows what.  I watched a “brother,” who was supposed to die from cancer 6 months ago, kiss a strange woman and take shots.  I spent more time kissing girls than my husband and we all took turns trying to one up each other in the drinking and dancing department.  We chose vodka and beer bottles over wine and pretty glasses.  We went for Taco Bell instead of fine cheese.  We pulled our hair in pony tails not caring it took us 2 hours to do it earlier.  Sure, we were reminded the next day, as we sat through the birthday party, that we weren’t 21 any longer.  In fact, we were all paying dearly for our antics but it was totally worth it.  Sometimes you just have to let go, you just have to throw your cares out for a bit because life isn’t all about perfection and rules.  If you don’t shake it up every now and then what’s the point?  Plus, being an adult is over rated and it is okay to throw it out the window every now and then.

2 thoughts on “Because sometimes you have to dance on top of the bar…

  1. Gah, love this! sometimes you just gotta go for it and live like the ole days 😉 Though no wine – gasp 😉 I do like me a seltzer and vodka sometimes too!

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