First Thought Wrong

The Husband I are big fans of going to the comedy club.  Recently we went and saw a comic that was divorced and shared all of the antics of his ex-wife.  The thing that made this comic stand out was as much as he made fun of something he also threw in some good life lessons.  He said we may laugh at him a lot but at some point in the next few weeks something he said will click with us.

One thing did and it is called First Thought Wrong.

In a marriage, or just about anything in life, when someone says or does something you don’t care for then your usual response is something probably equally bad.  Your first thought is wrong.  If you pause and think it through then you may realize this is the worst response. So. Freakin.  True.

Example: The Husband is usually in charge of changing the sheets on the bed every week.  Don’t ask why, this is just in his chore column.  He asked for help, as always, which means I end up changing the sheets but I told him to do it on his own for once.  He came around the corner and yelled “First thought wrong!”  Oh no.  His first thought to get back at me for not helping was to make only his side of the bed with the new sheets.  I don’t even know how this is possible and I think it would actually take more work but he thought to do it. Yes, Husband, first thought wrong.  On second thought, he made the entire bed. 

Try it.  You would be surprised at what your first thought always is. 


One thought on “First Thought Wrong

  1. Ha! I love this game/idea!! So going to implement. And the sheets? I hate changing them and try to get M to do it and then he doesn’t tuck the corners and it drives me crazy 😉 Smart man, because then I do the sheets or help him so I can do the tucking!

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