Moving Forward

Last week I spent a lot of time explaining to Rebecca the recent events surrounding the Boston marathon bombings.  It wasn’t discussed in her classroom, unfortunately, it was only discussed on the playground, where you can imagine how the facts where a bit hazy there.

The fact that I even have to have these conversations with my kid these days is crazy and I didn’t want to be solely focused on just that. I wanted to focus on the good that came out of it, the people who stepped up, the people who worked hard and how the human race came together. 

While her and her friend’s whined a bit about it, we made them wait for the President to come on the TV on Friday night.  We made the kids sit and watch people cheer in the street for our first responders, FBI, officers and so forth.  The other parent’s and I didn’t want them to just be left with the playground talk about where bombs come from.  This is an instance, like so many these days, that they will recall when they are adults one day.  We want them to say that yes, they know where they were when it happened but they also remember how America stood strong.

We used the rest of our weekend to take a step back and visit friends we are normally “too busy” to swing by and chat to.  We had slumber parties on the floor, we played in the mud, we made a big family Sunday breakfast and we talked at the dinner table long after dinner was over.  We did things that we either take for granted or put off for another time.  We did it for the families that can’t. 

I urge you to do the same with your family.  I urge you to take pause and not let our lives get “so busy” all the time.  I urge you to be positive and pay it forward today.  I urge you to thank a soldier, an officer, or any other first responder.  I urge you to have a slumber party with your kids and involve  someones hand with cold water when they are the first to fall asleep.  After all, it all goes so fast.

One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. I love how you paid this forward, and used this as an opportunity to visit with friends, to talk, to sit, to listen. I did that too this weekend, and am just so relieved they have been captured…

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