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We don’t have a close date on our new house yet but we know it should be sometime in June.  I have a garage sale planned for May and have started that pile which has turned into an entire room full.  Nine years ago I moved in here with my ex-husband thinking we would be here, at the most, one year, which obviously wasn’t the case.  Now I’m completely ready to move into  a place with the Husband that is all ours but in order to do that some things must go.

I am the furthest thing from a hoarder but I realized I have still accumulated a lot of shit in the past nine years.  My goal for moving is that really, all of it must go.  Everything. There are a few things I hold sentimental value to but not much.  We will eventually replace all of the furniture, pots and pans will be replaced with wedding gifts that have been in storage.  I am not even saying everything should be brand new but I am saying we need to simplify ourselves. 

The rooms in the new house will be empty and I don’t want to go buy the latest fad to fill them.  I want to slowly fill them with what our family is about and things from our travels.  I don’t think Rebecca needs eight of the same toy and I can get rid of the empty picture frames under the bed.  I don’t need things that will collect dust on a shelf nor do we need that mixing bowl that never gets used.  And really who actually uses a waffle maker because we sure haven’t opened the box.  It is more like an everything must go sale.

While we are having a house built, it won’t be a home over night. Life will slowly turn it into a home but that doesn’t mean I want to fill it with clutter.  I want to fill it with the things that we need most not things we think we want at a moments glance.  I want to simplify our lives.