This was our start to summer

This weekend was the weekend I have been waiting for all winter.  The weekend where I could FINALLY put away the winter clothes and stretch out in the sun.  I live for this, summertime.  I live for the long days and warm nights.  I really have no idea why I continue to live in a place where the winter’s get so long and I’m sure one day that will change.  My whole demeanor changes when the temps hit 80.

I felt like I had more pause to the weekend even though it was  packed full.  I did a joint garage sale with a friend and it was so nice to sit on Friday and chat as people browsed around us.  We don’t always have that chance to sit and catch up without sitting in a bar or driving from one place to another.  There were no husband’s to share the conversation with or kids demanding half of our time.  Just two friends laughing at our own stories.

I watched Rebecca and her friend build a fort in the living room Friday night.  As they stuck tape to things and turned couches on their sides I laughed at how their imaginations run rampant.  I watched them climb dirt hills during the day and come running back with sweat running down their faces mixed with the dirt that looked like it might be stuck permanently.  There is something about the simple fact of kids enjoying summer that makes it that much more magical.  

We celebrated Rebecca’s birthday a few days early and went to her normal restaurant pick.  She also chose to go bowling which is something I normally hate but I couldn’t say no.  So when the Sunday afternoon storms rolled in we played game after game and followed that up with too much money spent at the arcade.  It was a weekend to spoil her and instead of saying no to things at the store we said yes and watched her eyes light up.  

I watched my husband finish clearing the land at our new house.  He carried off the last loads of trees and we could finally stand there and have a clear picture of what this is going to be.  We are two months behind on the house but it is slowly getting there.  We have put a lot of our own blood sweat and tears into this and it feels good to see it all happening. 

We didn’t have a free moment to spare but we filled the weekend with memories and laughter.  This is what summer is about.  This is where life feels at its best….and it is only the beginning.

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