A Road I Have Traveled.

My sister, Aspen, has been through a rough marriage with her husband.  She is a strong, independent woman who has stood by her husband’s side for the past 18 months.  18 Months ago is when he returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  It has been 18 months of PTSD hell for her.  Her Husband, who already suffered from depression issues, now had to deal with something too many soldiers, my Husband included, have to deal with. 

Unfortunately, a person has to help themself and her husband did not think he had an issue.  My sister became exhausted with walking on egg shells around him.  Last weekend he shoved her out the door, called the cops, threatened to kill himself and essentially hit rock bottom while the fear for her safety gave in.  I never want to take the phone call from my sister again in which she is hysterical crying.  Five hours away, there is nothing I can do.  It is a helpless feeling. 

The next day my sister filed for divorce and a few days later her husband was committed to a clinic that specializes in PTSD.  This is the best thing for him and I hope he gets the help he needs. 

In the mean time my sister has had a safe place to stay with friends and a support system that has immediately come forward and I’m grateful for that.  I had a very poor support system when my marriage collapsed.  On the phone late one night she asked me how I did it.  How did I get through those really rough times because she was realizing my family wasn’t truly there for me when I needed them the most. 

I don’t want her to have to go through what I went through.  Knowing the road she is about to go down is tough.  I want to take it away from her.  I want to rush her to the part where it will get better. I want to erase the mean words people have said to her and will say to her about her choice. 

Divorce is a road I have traveled.  PTSD is a road I travel along side my Husband everyday.  These are roads I know and I am thankful that I can take what I have learned and support Aspen in every way.  At the end of the day the roads I have traveled were meant for something.

5 thoughts on “A Road I Have Traveled.

  1. oh wow, so so awful. Such a double whammy. I pray for your sister, as she goes through this, but she has a strong support system in you and can get through this, just as you did. XOXO

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