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We are at nine months.  Nine months since we pulled the goalie.  Nine months since we made the decision to root for the two pink lines.  Nine months since we made the decision to take another step in our lives.  None months since we have decided to start trying for a baby.  And do you know what has happened….??….

Not a damn thing.

We made the decision and that was pretty much it.  We have had a whole house building project that has taken up a lot more time than we anticipated.  I think I was a bit more emotional in the first few months about NOT getting pregnant than I have been in the past few months.  Perhaps I started to realize that I have been stressed and we have been busy.  I can also say that had we gotten pregnant right away….holy fuck…bad timing.

All this to say that we aren’t stressing about it right now.  That doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t.  It is a topic at family functions and my friend recently suggest her fertility specialist to us.  Our decision right now is to have faith in timing and drink wine as desired.  Now if I can get everyone else to quit hitting the panic button it would make this easier.