Brain Tumor Drama

My sister has been slowly navigating the waters of her divorce and handling it quite well.  She is spreading her wings in her new found freedom and hasn't really looked back.  There have been a few obstacles here and there though.  I think we all go through those in a divorce and they usually help [...]

We Made It

We made it.  We closed on our first home together. It was a bit more of an emotional moment than I thought it would be.  After so much fighting and stress that came with this I was surprised at the quick bit of release I felt.  The knots that had been in my stomach for [...]

Secondary Plans

Several months ago the Hubby and I decided we needed to re-evaluate our life insurance situation pending the new house and such.  We discussed amounts needed and so forth and what if, God forbid, something happened to one of us.  It sounds morbid I know, but these conversations eventually happen and I am a realistic [...]

What doesn’t kill your marriage makes you stronger

Before we began building our house people would tell us how they would never build with their spouse again.  They would say how much they would fight over hardware and tile selections, how it would make them crazy and about killed their marriage.  Somehow we came through without those major hurdles that others seem to [...]