What doesn’t kill your marriage makes you stronger

Before we began building our house people would tell us how they would never build with their spouse again.  They would say how much they would fight over hardware and tile selections, how it would make them crazy and about killed their marriage.  Somehow we came through without those major hurdles that others seem to have.  Perhaps we were just riding the wave of our dream.  Until this recent situation came along and knocked us on our asses.

I have to say out of everything that has happened I’m truly grateful for the fact that we have a strong marriage.  There have been times when the husband has lost it and I have held him up and brought him home oreos.  There have been times where all I could do was sit in a heap and cry while he found positive words and poured me wine.  So far we have yet to lose it at the same time.  If there was a situation that could test your marriage, this is certainly it.  I could see how easily it would be for couples to turn on one another at a time like this but we have turned and leaned on one another even more.

We have no normal right now in our marriage.  We are exhausted everyday.  We eat dinner late, if we even eat together.  We are constantly trying to not forget the basics to get through the day.  What used to be second nature to us now takes thought in our everyday life and that can be time consuming.  Forgetting to set the trash out can cause meltdowns if one isn’t careful.

But we realize things could be worse.  Originally Husband was scheduled to  be on active duty for the month of August.  I could not even imagine going through the past month with him thousands of miles away.  That baby we have been wishing for? Well, had we gotten pregnant right away we would have a newborn thrown into this mix.  I’m sure we will look back and see how everything worked the way it has for a reason.

So at night I could go to bed angry at everything but I still thank God for the husband.  I thank God that I have support and someone to lean on.  I’m grateful that I have a husband that will take over when I just can’t make another phone call or send another email.  That is what being married is all about though, right? A teammate in life.  I friend to hang in there with you.  Someone to hold your hand when there are really no words left to say.  Because at the end of the day we may not know where we are living in 12 days but we do know we are living with each other and that is a start.

3 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill your marriage makes you stronger

  1. When my husband and I moved into our home there were so many things that needed fixing or to be totally remodeled. It was a trying time to say the least. And my mother had just died. We fought like two cats in a bag. There were many times we would have called it quits but something held us together.

    1. I don’t think there is any way to go into moving but straight on. I can’t imagine a parent’s death in the middle of it all. I’m glad you two held it together:)

  2. Way to turn things around my friend, seriously, it is SO HARD to dig deep and trust and have faith when the shiz hits the fan. You and Husband have it together, you two can tolerate ANYTHING as long as you are together. I have faith in you both! XO

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