Secondary Plans

Several months ago the Hubby and I decided we needed to re-evaluate our life insurance situation pending the new house and such.  We discussed amounts needed and so forth and what if, God forbid, something happened to one of us.  It sounds morbid I know, but these conversations eventually happen and I am a realistic person-I’m not going to live forever and I could easily be hit by a bus tomorrow.  We would still have a mortgage either way and right now we depend on a dual income.

This conversation of how to proceed without our significant other started out as most would. I could never live without you!  Followed by, life goes on and please pay off the mortgage and truck.  Now, what followed is perhaps where couples vary the most-would you remarry?  I know some have strong feelings that they would never want their spouse to remarry but I hope that mine would if he found the right person.  Let’s be honest, a man has needs.  In turn the Hubby hopes that I would do the same, no matter how young or old.  And so it went from there….

The Hubby expressed concern that I would perhaps marry one of my dear friends.  He said no matter what he wouldn’t want me to marry him because he doesn’t think he could give me everything in life I need.  Instead the Hubby picked out the man I was actually dating before I met him, one who is still a dear friend of ours.  We shall call him Oklahoma.  We actually ended up going to the bar later that night with this friend and he filled in poor Oklahoma on this “if anything should happen plan.”  Oklahoma was game.

In turn I had to choose a “back-up” spouse for him.

So we now have our spousal back ups.  Just like that.  It has basically become a running joke amongst our friends or when we don’t want to do something.  I.e. “Call your back up husband to OCD clean with you!”  It is equivalent to “the list.”  You know the Friends episode where they have the list of famous people they can sleep with?

God willing we won’t ever need our back ups but we may need to turn to the list….I could really use some hot sex with Kenny Chesney on a yacht.  Just sayin’….if the situation comes up.

Do you have a back up or a list?

4 thoughts on “Secondary Plans

  1. i don’t have a list but I know my husband just LOVES Catherine Zeta Jones and when news hit that her and Michael Douglas separated, I texted him and told him that it looks like Catherine may need a little consoling…… he didn’t comment…..but I have a feeling he was having a little day dream about his fantasy gal.

  2. Ha! I love this. First, w also had the life insurance convo recently. great minds 😉 Hmm…backup spouse…miiight have to be Ryan Reynolds. Just saying, holy hotness.

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