We Made It

We made it.  We closed on our first home together.

It was a bit more of an emotional moment than I thought it would be.  After so much fighting and stress that came with this I was surprised at the quick bit of release I felt.  The knots that had been in my stomach for months, loosened.  The weight that had been on my shoulders, lifted.  The strain on my face, relaxed.  I almost felt the need to cry when we walked out of there.

There has been this dark  cloud following us for some time on this home.  Our lives have been uprooted and changed so much with the move.  Nothing has been normal and there has been no routine.  For the first time I think we allowed ourselves to exhale.

This past weekend I took the time to balance myself.  I read a book, watched Lifetime movies, spent too many hours on Pinterest, drank wine on the deck till the wee hours of the night with my husband, and took a nap.  I didn’t slam in some work out time here and there but I did work out and lost myself in yoga.  I felt the sweat in a way I hadn’t in sometime.  I found the positivity in my life again. I found balance.

As a couple we are back on track to find our new routine and our new normal in this new  chapter in our lives.  I’m telling myself to slow down and not rush so much.  We have done that since the day we met and I suddenly feel like we should pause a little bit as summer turns to fall and just enjoy it all more.  We have worked towards these goals for so long so it seems fair that we should sit back and relish in it a bit.  Unfortunately we do live in a world that is always heading to the next thing and it is so hard to just pause in the morning when you walk out the door and acknowledge the sunrise.  Yet, here I am, giving just that a try.

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