Brain Tumor Drama

My sister has been slowly navigating the waters of her divorce and handling it quite well.  She is spreading her wings in her new found freedom and hasn’t really looked back.  There have been a few obstacles here and there though.  I think we all go through those in a divorce and they usually help reaffirm why the hell we are getting a divorce in the first place.  At least that is what is happening for her.

If you are going through a divorce let me help give you a laugh.  Her soon to be ex-husband sent her enough texts professing his love one moment and threatening/verbally abusing her the next minute that she went and got a no contact order against him. She is one tough cookie, she hadn’t responded to one of those texts.  We know he left the rehab facility that he was in against doctors orders and we hadn’t heard from him in sometime.  He even cleaned all of us family members out of Facebook.  Except…he kept making comments on pictures that I had posted of their cats.  Yes, cats.  My sister’s cats are her children. Period.  In fact, she doesn’t want kids.  Ever.  Just her cats.

It seems the soon to be ex suddenly has an interest in catnapping.  Like kidnapping, but with cats.  He sent her a text and faked that he was going in for surgery, on a Saturday, for a brain tumor and he may die.  He needed to see the cats one last time for therapy according to his doctor.  You know, in case he dies.  She could just meet him in the parking lot of the hospital and do a cat swap and he would get the cats back to her IF he survived.

The tough cookie she is, she didn’t answer.  Instead she shot his Dad an email seeing as he has power of attorney over him and she mentioned she could not fill his request but she hopes he comes out for the better.  Long story short, there is no brain tumor and her ex is so upset she broke the news to his parents when he hadn’t had time to tell them.

The divorce papers were finally signed by him the next day. Faking a brain tumor to kidnap cats is a new one by me.

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