The End of 2013

Happy New Year’s everyone!

I have to say I have never been so happy to see a year-end.  I am totally fine kicking 2013 out on its ass.  It has been a rough year for my family in general.  Sure, there have been some good times to our year (a new house and a puppy!) but generally speaking there were a lot of obstacles too. 

I took the last two weeks of the year off from work and it gave me time to enjoy the holidays and not rush from one thing to the next.  Most importantly, not being at work has given me clarity over what I want 2014 to look like.  

I’m not normally one for resolutions as I don’t believe in waiting till January 1st to make a change in your life.  So I don’t know if I want to call any of this a resolution so much as it just happens to be the time I am making changes.  2013 wore me down and I’m tired.  Instead here is what I want to see in 2014.

Balance.  I struggle with just leaving the laundry in the dryer and instead watching a show with my husband.  I tell my daughter to wait one more minute so I can do one more thing that can wait until she goes to bed.  I need to let go and quit rushing so much.  I need more balance as a wife, Mom and just for myself.

A better work life. I have anxiety attacks on Sunday nights because I can’t handle going to work.  My boss is demeaning and I try so hard to not drag it all home but it happens.  I keep saying this has to change and it really does.  I’ve spent a good chunk of my time off over the Holiday’s updating my resume and making some progress.  Here is to finding something I really love to do.

More blogging/Writing. I love blogging.  At the end of the day this is where I feel at home.  I have just struggled with this new blog and that stops now.  Enough excuses.  I have started chapters of books and I need to learn to let go in them.  I need to lose myself in that just as much as I have done in my blog in the past.  It is time to get back to the heart of what I love. 

Less Facebook. This sounds stupid but I really hate Facebook.  It is the thing we can’t seem to live without.  I check it 300 times a day and roll my eyes at most of the statuses.  I don’t care what someone had for lunch and I don’t care what someones baby daddy did.  Yet, it takes up a lot of minutes of my day that would be better applied elsewhere.  So, for the month of January, it is gone.  No Facebook. We will see what this does for me.  Plus, Instagram is better, is it not? Life in pictures, that is what makes me smile. 

I hope you all find something in the New Year that makes your heart smile more.  I hope that your resolutions, if you are the type to make them, come true.  I hope midnight brings you a breath of fresh air and contentment.  Here is to making 2014 much better than 2013 .

Happy New year my friends.



4 thoughts on “The End of 2013

  1. I think I may be one of few that had a wonderful 2013! I am sorry yours was rough, and know it was, but there were bright spots still and 2014 is holding a lot of promise, right?! Anyway, I love your goals because you know, we are two peas in a pod here. I am trying to embrace slowing down and reading the Slow Down Challenge by Jeff Goins (subscribe to his stuff, he has such insight!) and his book, the In Between, because it really is about slowing down and enjoying those in between moments we would miss otherwise. Cheers to 2014!!

    1. Of course there were bright spots but it was a struggle of a year. Yes, 2014 holds much more promise! Whew! I have subscribed to Jeff’s stuff but let it all go to the wayside along with my blogging. But his book is now on the top of my list! Yay!

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