No Longer on Hold

I am a Type A person.  A planner, an organizer and all around OCD person.  When the Husband and I first started talking about getting pregnant I let a lot of that go and decided we would just go with the flow and let what happens, happen.  And then nothing happened.  Which pretty much makes a planning person go crazy.

For a year I put off things, you know, just in case I got pregnant.  Why book a trip to a tropical island if I’m not going to want to travel outside the comfort of US medicine?  Why book a trip to Disneyland with the kiddo if I couldn’t ride any rides? Call me selfish, but I wanted to enjoy a vacation not stand on the sidelines of one.  You see, when I vacation I want to drink the wine, seek new adventures, go ziplining, and any other thing you are not advised to do while pregnant.

Well over a year later and I’m well over due for a damn vacation.  I’m tired of keeping our lives on hold for something that we can’t control.  So we figured we had to compromise and we sat down with the kiddo after Christmas and devised a plan to make sure we got in some sort of vacation this year, no matter how small.  That is our family resolution.  And if other life happens in the meantime we will learn to adjust.  It is all part of learning to let go and find balance.  You just have to hold me to that internet.

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