The day I didn’t claim my dog as my own

When you enter the main area of doggie day care you can look to your right and glance through the window at the room that houses the small dogs play area.  My puppy thinks she is a big dog so she is rarely in there.  Also there was an incident where she wouldn’t quit using the little dogs as hurdles so she is kind of banned from that room.  Instead I have to look up at the monitor to see her playing in the big dog room while I wait to have my turn to check out.

As Fenway is a black lab she can blend in with the many other black dogs on that monitor so it may take a moment for me and the husband to pick out just which one is ours.  I know, bad dog parents.  One afternoon we stood with other waiting doggie parents and one man pointed out his big german shepherd on the screen and asked which one was ours.  Without pause I answered quicker than my husband could and said our dog wasn’t up there.  Nope, not at all shown on that screen.  She must be in her suite for a nap or something.  No dog of ours there. My Husband glanced down at me as I gave him a warning glance.

I couldn’t stand there and admit to the doggie parents around me that ours was the one humping her friends head who was trying to take a nap.  At 6 months old my dog was the horny dog in the bunch right there in the middle of the big screen with no shame in her humping game. I just didn’t know how to apologize for that.  I promptly went home and hid my 50 Shades of Grey books from her just in case that was where she was getting ideas.

4 thoughts on “The day I didn’t claim my dog as my own

  1. LOL! Bentley is def a humping machine when we are at the dog park. The groomer told us that he spent mostof the day chasing around a boy toy poodle–I was so embarrassed. I guess it’s good preparation for kids, right? B’s first day at his new doggie daycare is tomorrow!

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