Swimmers Test

It took some time but the Hubby finally was able to make it in to get his swimmers tested.  You would have thought this was the biggest undertaking in the world.  This from the same guy who gets the “man cold.”  You know the one.  The I’m dying because my nose is stuffy and trust me, wife, you have NEVER had anything this bad.  Obviously having to make a phone call and saying the words “sperm analysis” are the MOST embarrassing words to utter to a stranger on the other end of the phone. Don’t you know, wife?!

The night before the appointment he fessed up about how nervous he was.  Being a military man who has been deployed many times and around some pretty fucked up stuff, it wouldn’t be completely outside the realm for something to be wrong with his swimmers.  They could be going backwards, slow, side-to-side or who knows.  And what it came down to was something much more-he felt like his man card was being tested.  It was time for me to step off my “all this shit is stuff I have to be poked at for” soap box and support my Hubby.

I’ve just always assumed it was something with me but the truth is, it could be him and that is a tough thing to deal with as a man.  Not something men really all sit around the poker table talking about.  They aren’t comparing their sperm count like women discuss their cycle days.

While we wait for his results, he comes up with worst case scenarios and I tend to have a different mindset. We need to get these tests going and checked off the list. I have to check things off to keep my sanity and one by one work towards the goal.  It means we are doing something since nothing is happening.

5 thoughts on “Swimmers Test

  1. It’s amazing how much poking, prodding and invasive testing us women go through without complaints or question. But our husbands on the other hand are a different story…

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