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Over Easter weekend a good friend of ours lost his dog because it was hit by a car.  Obviously, him and his wife are devastated.  There are a lot of tears shed and it will understandably take a lot of time to be able to move forward.  Him and I have been best friends since we were 14 and have shared a lot of ups and downs.  He was one of those people who didn’t get people who thought of the pets as kids and then it happened.  The nutty fuzzball comes home and you can’t imagine your life without them.  Soon you are becoming that person who declines an invite to your friends’ cat’s birthday party because your dog is getting married that day.  Doesn’t everyone understand that?

Well, no.  But that is okay, I don’t judge them.

We got our furry lab, Fenway, after a year of trying to get pregnant.  There were a ton of reasons why we wanted a dog (Mainly I just wanted one) but there were reasons I didn’t realize in the beginning like I do now.  My husband is gone a lot.  Rebecca is not with us on a regular basis.  I struggle with this, a lot.  It gets damn lonely, a lot.

Enter this furry ball of energy who needs fed, walked and my constant attention.  Fenway gives me a reason to go home at night and not have the silence bounce off the walls.  She is someone who acts like she understands what I’m saying when I’m talking through a new recipe.  She is someone who dances around the kitchen with me to Kenny Chesney.  She is my shadow, my fitness pal, a listener and warm pillow to watch TV with.  In the past 18 months she has been my extra support, in this trying to get pregnant battle, that I never knew I needed.  She is someone who patiently sits next to me on the bathroom floor when I’m crying over that millionth damn negative pregnancy test.

Pets are a funny thing.  You think they need you but really you need them.  And then when they are gone, especially suddenly, everything changes.  So for everyone who has lost their side kick, I am deeply sorry.  For everyone who has theirs sitting next to them, give them an extra scratch and treat today.  They deserve it.

What have your pets done for you?