Crossing off the Bucket List – Finding my Uterus

This morning I learned what it feels like to have my doctor search for the right side of my uterus.  I didn’t need that checked off my bucket list but I guess we can go ahead and do that.  Let me back up by saying I had my HSG procedure done this morning to see if there was anything wrong with my uterus that was preventing me from getting pregnant.  What you should not do is google a lot about this before you get it done because everyone will post their horror stories and scare the shit out of you.  Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

While it wasn’t a horror story, it wasn’t fun.  My doctor was delivering a baby so I had to sit in the room with three nurses and make small talk, which actually helped me calm down quite a bit.  Once we finally got going it was uncomfortable, but bearable.  Then there was the part where she couldn’t even find the right side of my uterus and she was doing some digging while having me manuever myself this way and that.  That is where the intense cramps came from.  Yoga breathing while she apologized profusely and then it was over.

What we did finally find was the right side of said uterus, the fact that the tube is blocked and from what I gather, not open for business.  The other one is all good.  (For those who want to know for their own experience, I did go straight from the hospital and back to work with mild cramps but that has thus far been it.)

The Hubby’s swimmer’s test came back as well.  It seems his swimmers don’t have a clear lake to swim through, it is more like muddy waters and so that slows them up.  He has a 10 day antibiotic to thin things out.

What does all this mean? We have a few things going against us but nothing we can’t tackle.  This greatly helps me with the overwhelming feeling I’ve been having lately.  I feel like we have a direction, things to do instead of sitting and wondering.  My doctor mentioned another test next month that I honestly can’t remember at this moment, her nurse will call me with information and then we will start the drug Clomid.  We are waiting a month because sometimes people have luck getting pregnant after the HSG test because it can clean out the pipes a bit.  That with my Husband clearing the waters may be just enough help.  Quite frankly the only thing I need in my uterus is a baby, not my doctor and her tools of the trade.

I think I deserve the glass of wine I am going to have tonight.

9 thoughts on “Crossing off the Bucket List – Finding my Uterus

  1. Sorry but I would have had to be sedated!!! My old OBGYN knew how much I hated just regular visits and she told me one time “if you ever have to have any procedure I am knocking you out”!!!
    I am glad it went good for you and go drink that WINE!!!! you deserve it!!!!

    1. With all procedures, it varies from one to the next but a good one to have done! It is always scary when you start googling things though. Yikes!

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