I Get My Husband Back

The first alarm in my household goes off at 4AM.  The day starts then, the Hubby moving around in the dark, Fenway following right behind him looking for her food.  He dresses, kisses me good-bye and heads out.  Sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes I don’t.  I won’t see him again until the sun is almost down.  A good night means he will come home by 8pm, a late night is 10pm or worse, he is out-of-town for the entire week.

We have conversations throughout the day that are cut off quickly by other incoming work phone calls.  Our evenings we struggle to keep our eyes open while trying to spend a few minutes together before calling an end to the day.

Our weekends are notany better.  We don’t make plans for Friday nights because I’ve just accepted the fact that he won’t get off any earlier and he will be too tired.  The alarm hasn’t changed for the weekends either.  No, we have had other commitments.  Or at least the Husband has.  We have had a rental house in the city that he previously lived in before we met.  It has been sitting vacant as he has ripped the guts out of it and has been piecing it back together.  Painfully and frustratingly the Husband has been pouring everything into that place.  We have had two mortgages, extra utility bills, extra insurance and all the cash that it takes to completely gut and rebuild a house built in 1897.

We are exhausted to say the least.

Not seeing each other is exhausting.  Major cash flow out is exhausting.  Running a household by myself is exhausting.  Having a husband who is working his ass off is exhausting.  It has been a long damn road.

Then it happened Saturday.  The last nail hit, the last dust cleaned, the last hole covered, the last bit of paint on the wall, and the house is done.  Wednesday is the “go live” date to sell it with a realtor that I ruthlessly interviewed.  We need this house to sell and we want it gone yesterday and I wanted the right person to do so.

We celebrated Saturday night and Sunday there was no alarm in our house.  We slept in.  We sat and ate breakfast together.  We did yard work together. We got groceries together.  We made the bed together.  We spent the whole day together and as we were walking out of a store my Husband grabbed my hand and said he felt like he was on vacation with this whole day together.

I cannot explain the relief we feel from this.  Sure, his regular week schedule doesn’t change but I have my Husband again on the weekends and that is something to be happy about. And next week we do have a real vacation to look forward to.

4 thoughts on “I Get My Husband Back

  1. eric and i joke that we consider going to costco together a “date.” We don’t get to spend whole days together very often bc of his work schedule, but when we do, it is pure bliss

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