Clomid-Month One

My regular OB/GYN took me as far as she could on my infertility journey before handing me over to the fertility specialist in her office.  The specialist and I met for the first time a few weeks ago and I love her.  We went over the past 20 months of what we have done and the testing.  She did an ultrasound to determine which side I had ovulated from last month and then we discussed starting the Clomid.  I had ovulated from my right side which is my blocked sideNormally you ovulate from one side one month and the next side the following month.  A nice little take turn process within your uterus.

Perfect. That meant I would take the Clomid and would ovulate from my good side this month.

Or Not.

Apparently my body has a different plan.  I went in for another ultrasound for us to find out I’m once again ovulating from the blocked side.  We won’t be having any luck this month and will not be doing a trigger shot or anything else.

To top it off my lining is very thin and I have to quit doing cardio and try to gain some weight.  This is the funniest part.  I can’t gain weight.  Been trying for 14 years.

Next month we will try a different drug that will hopefully not thin the lining as much but this month is pretty much a bust.  My doc gave me a brief smile and said it doesn’t hurt to try when I ovulate next week but don’t get my hopes up to high for results.

I walked out through the waiting room holding 8, count them, 8 happy pregnant couples.

This week has been frustrating enough and this was the cherry on top.

This is a waiting game.  Try this, try that, wait a week, wait 11 days, wait 3 days, wait for you period, try this, try that, wait a month.  You count, you keep apps, you pee on stick after stick, you count forwards and backwards and make another docters appointment.  Do all this on top of your normal life and I’m fucking exhausted this week.

Bright side-I can drink tonight.


4 thoughts on “Clomid-Month One

  1. aww, friend. so frustrating, so SO frustrating, especially the gain weight part ,because I know that one is tough for you to be able to physically do just based on your body and how it works. I will raise a glass to you tonight dear, you are keeping your chin up the best you can! XO

  2. I don’t know about you but I’ve been drinking A LOT lately. It’s like I need a glass of wine at every dinner

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