This is why we aren’t pregnant

We were just running into the city real fast.  It is 20 miles in and 20 miles back.  The skies were clear until we came out of the store and headed home.  The skies were now black and I had a death grip on the wheel as we went straight into the storm.  My Husband sat there in silence as he knew I didn’t need him telling me how to drive in 70 mph wind gusts. Instead he used his imaginary brake.  I pulled my truck to the left and the wind blew me to the right.  I cussed under my breath and glanced at my Husband who said,  “You know, this is why we aren’t pregnant yet.  Who gets stuck in a storm like this pregnant?  Bad parenting.” I laughed.

Two nights later my Husband was in his truck in front of me on the highway.  Behind me was a dear friend of mine, in her car, who happens to be pregnant.  We were trying to get from the city to our town.  The skies were black, sirens going off in every small town. We were weaving our way across back roads threatening to wash out.  I was on the phone with my Husband as we were both trying to watch the sky as we were driving.  We were debating on the clouds rotating above us, trying to determine if they were going to drop down or not. All the while keeping another eye on my friend behind me, making sure her car could keep up and she didn’t blow away.  We were both silent on the phone when he said, “You know this is why we aren’t pregnant yet.  We have to get our friend home safely.  I can only handle one pregnant woman at a time.”  I laughed.

After that storm hit our town and home, our stress level went through the ceiling.  It was a rare night we both got home early, ready to start digging through to find our yard, when another storm grew black in the skies.  I went inside and grabbed a glass of wine.  I rejoined my Husband and we stood in the middle of the yard, staring at the sky and I said, “You know, this is why I’m not pregnant yet.  The only way I’m making it through this week is with a lot of wine.  Can’t do that pregnant.”  He laughed.

It has been the running commentary for the past few months. Finding those moments where you are glad you aren’t pregnant.  You find the positive in it.  You laugh at it because sometimes it is just easier.  If you don’t laugh you’ll lose your mind.

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