Living in the moments of Summer

I live for summer.  The warm days, endless nights, weekends full of get-togethers and boating.  Since putting our rental house on the market, the Husband and I have been able to stop, breathe and enjoy our summer.  I cannot tell you enough how great this has been for our marriage.  I knew we were getting beat down with the schedule that we were running on but I don’t think I realized how bad it was getting until we came up for air.  So, I want to hit some of the highlights.

We took Rebecca and went to Colorado for a vacation.  I may be completely OCD but I’m pretty good at letting go and throwing planning out the window when on vacation.  I made myself stop before I snapped about timing, late nights or not fitting everything in.  It just didn’t matter, if we worked in something and not others, that was fine.  The only thing that mattered was living in the moment.  We were able to visit friends, go horseback riding, white water rafting and to the top of Pikes Peak. We lingered over drinks and dinner.  We stopped and chatted with strangers.  We put the phones, electronics, etc. down and looked at what God had put in front of us.  It was amazing, memorable and worth every penny.

The past month we were able to put our infertility issues on the back burner until it was time to start the new fertility drug.  There was nothing we could do about making a baby for a few weeks so we didn’t need to worry about it. A well needed break.

We were able to focus on our own new home instead of the rental.  We took the time to organize the garage and basement.  We discussed the order of winter projects or what needed to get done before winter hit.  Sometimes we took a break from those weekend projects and we sat in the front yard, in the middle of the afternoon, and just talked.  Hubby with a cigar, me with a glass of wine, just because there was no reason not to.  Some nights we sat on the tail gate of the pickup, with the garage door opened, and watched the rain come down.  These little moments, in all the big moments, are when I fall in love with that Husband of mine even more.

I really hate the “busy” excuse so many people use these days towards friends.  Granted we all have those times where we really are swamped with life but not for years straight.  I have been working on making sure to call those people I don’t always get a chance to call, dropping a note to some, and making the effort to meet up for drinks or dinner with others.  I don’t always jump to say “no” but instead find the time to say “yes” where it feels right.  Life is too short to keep putting people off.

I have found time to read new blogs, read books, breathe longer in yoga, get to projects I’ve been ignoring.  I lounge in a boat for hours in my swimsuit and wear comfy dresses to work with comfy shoes.  I have taken a lot of afternoons off from work and taken the dog on some long hikes.  Enjoying the fact that I have a no-stress job for once and not a whole lot demanding my time.  Essentially, taking the time for myself and not feeling guilty about it.

We are only halfway through the summer and it feels refreshing.  I don’t feel like it is slipping away but I am honestly enjoying it.


4 thoughts on “Living in the moments of Summer

  1. Gah, I love this!! I am so glad for you two, you really deserve it! OWN this summer as much as you can and it sounds like you finally are able to! I too agree with you on the busy thing, it’s a cop out sometimes, and if you want to make it happen, you will, plain and simple. XOXO, miss you both!

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