10 weeks pregnant- Baby comparisons

From baby #1 to baby #2, it is hard to not make comparisons.  I think this is something every mother does with full term pregnancies, it is the same with pregnancies that don’t go to full term.  Having gone a total of 12 weeks being pregnant last time, I’m doing a lot of comparisons with this baby.  Some of the comparisons are out of fear and some are just out of curiosity.

Nausea/Morning sickness:  I didn’t have a whole lot of morning sickness with the first baby.  I would have bouts of nausea but nothing that would disrupt my day or really bother me.  I used sea bands most of the time and that seemed to curb most of the symptoms.  With baby #2, I have had even less nausea, no use for the sea bands and I am very grateful for that.

Cravings/Food:  With the first baby I could eat french toast morning, noon and night, peanut butter cookies (I’m not even a cookie person) and really missed my wine.  This time around I want a glass of OJ every night, apples, more peanut butter than normal and I don’t even miss wine. In general though, I don’t “eat for two” I just need an extra snack here and there but I also eat way less at meal time.  Sometimes what sounds really good, three bites in will become the worst food idea known to man and I’m done.  Both babies have offered me this fun.

Body: With baby one I gained 1 lb total by the 12 week mark but I can’t say I ever had a bump.  I haven’t gained anything thus far with this baby but a few of my abs have disappeared.  Weight has always been an issue with me because I just don’t gain.  I’ve been around 100lbs since I was in high school and I have worked really hard to put on some muscle to = weight, since the last pregnancy, per my doctor.  Thanks to a hell of a lot more squats and Piyo, I managed a few extra pounds.  There is currently no bump and my clothes all fit fine but I would prefer to wear my yoga pants than jeans.  Also, the boobs are coming back.  I have been waiting for my boobs to grow since I was 14 and they finally are!

Cramping/Bleeding: I had zero cramping or bleeding with the first baby.  With this baby we have had some serious cramping scares, thanks to a cyst and one long night of bleeding.  Thankfully, by the time I hit week 8 the cramping and cyst issue have gone away and there has been no more bleeding.

Ultrasound:  With the first baby we had two great ultrasounds, both vaginal, and were never able to hear the heartbeat.  We did see the heartbeat both times though and at 7 weeks it was 136.  With baby two we have now had three ultrasounds, one vaginal and two regular, and were grateful to actually hear the heartbeat once.  The 7 week ultrasound showed a heartbeat of 106 and the 9 weeks ultrasound showed 185.  First baby was a girl according to chromosomal testing and my OB wanted to throw in her first gender guess with baby #2, saying boy.  Both hubby and I say girl.

Emotions:  The first time around I had a lot more nerves than what I think I realized.  I was very nervous to continue working out and was more careful on how I moved around.  This time around I’m trusting myself and my body more to do what needs to be done.  I have continued my workouts as normal, aside from days when the doctor actually told me to keep my ass on the couch.  I’m not an incredibly hormonal woman in general and even when pregnant I don’t get over emotional or hormonal.

Sleep:  In general my Husband and I are not people who actually sleep a lot.  I get up a lot at night and some nights I may get up at 1am and just do laundry.  The people who tell me “Oh, you just wait till you have a baby and lose sleep” I say “Yay, something to do with my insomnia!”  With baby #1 that tiredness hit me like a ton of rocks and I couldn’t wait for it to hit this time around.  This sleeping all night thing is amazing.  And naps?! Well, now I get what all the fuss is about, so lovely.


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