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After having a positive ultrasound yesterday we feel like we are able to relax into this pregnancy a bit and finally get excited!  We spent last night calling and texting close friends and family before we take it to social media.  I realized a few things amongst all the phone calls.

*I am very grateful I have Grandparents to call and share the news with.  Their questions and comments are so very different and humorous compared to everyone else’s.  One Grandma questioned why I needed to quit drinking wine because she drank and smoked through all 7 of her pregnancies.  The other spent 5 minutes trying to find a pen and paper to write down the news with the due date so she didn’t forget the next day.

*A baby, in general, makes everyone a little nutty but in a fun way.

*People have no boundary lines with their questions and are all set with instant advice.

*I became the dinner topic in a few houses where the people felt the need to recall me to say just how excited everyone was.

*I was much more excited to make individual calls to my friends and family.  I didn’t want them to find out via social media instead of us.  My Husband, not so much.  He also doesn’t have as close of a relationship with his family so apparently they are getting the social media announcement.

*The hardest phone call was to my cousin who has had years of infertility problems and just last week switched to my doctor.

While everyone had a million questions, I didn’t have many answers.  No, we don’t know what it is, yes we will find out May 27th, no we won’t tell you what names we have picked out, no I don’t know how I’m decorating the nursery, sure you can send us baby stuff you have already purchased (how weird, you hoarders) and yes, I feel fine.  Otherwise our lives are going on as normal.  We have a basement to finish and a rental house we almost have sold. (God willing that damn thing will be gone May 12 and I will celebrate.)  My sister moves in with us in less than two months, I will become a Godmother this weekend, once the house sells then we will be purchasing a boat, we have a few mini vacations to plan for this summer, and you know, summer.  I think we can manage to entertain ourselves till this baby makes an appearance next fall.