To Tell Her Story, Is to Tell Mine

On my old blog I did a series of posts that explained just who Rebecca was and where exactly she came from.  On this blog, I don’t quite talk about her as often just in case someone we know IRL finds out about this site.  You could say I am a bit more cautious this time around because I don’t want to have to start over again.  The only major story I have ever really shared of her is here.  But she is my life and changed it the moment she came into it.  To know Rebecca’s story is to know mine.  Now that we know this new little one is safely on its way, I feel the need to share Rebecca’s story over here for those of you who didn’t know me in my pre-blog life.

For one, her real name is not Rebecca, but the name of her favorite American Girl Doll.  When I started my new blog I asked her what she wanted her name to be here and that is what she suggested.  At 12 years old, she understands the blog world and those friends that exist in it.  She has even had the chance to meet a few other bloggers and she is absolutely fascinated by it.

She is very aware of her story, our story, as we have never kept anything from her.  We are open to any and all questions she has had and will have as she gets older.  It is her life, her story, what has changed her.

As we tell people that we are pregnant, those that don’t know us well or of Rebecca, often ask if this is my first child.  I have to say I have a 12-year-old I have raised and this is my first successful pregnancy.  That is a loaded answer, I know, but the one way I feel most comfortable to answer.  Every family is different and on Monday I will start sharing our story.  It isn’t just about Rebecca, myself and my Husband.  It is also about my ex-husband a man who she considers her Dad, a man who has been there for her everyday and continues to be.  it is a story that leaves everyone with an opinion but we have grown past the point where we give a shit.  We do what we can everyday and hope it is what is right.  After all, isn’t that what any parent hopes for?

3 thoughts on “To Tell Her Story, Is to Tell Mine

  1. What a beautiful story about Rebecca. I had no idea and really appreciate you sharing. I can tell that you’re such an amazing mother (not to mention writer)

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