Preparing for Battle

Begin reading Rebecca’s story here.

There were times during this that we were able to see Rebecca.  When another family member would sneak us over to see her or during an appointment or two that we had with her and a child psychologist.  You can imagine how emotional it was for both of us.  It broke our hearts but would always reaffirm what we knew and what we had to do.

Keep Rebecca safe.

Not a day went by when this wasn’t all in our minds.  We worked with private investigators.  We worked with other lawyers and we did whatever we were told to help.  We gave every inch of our lives to her.  All of this, this is the stuff I wouldn’t know how to relay to you.  I don’t know how to put out there every detail, every meeting, every phone call, every late night. There was a conversation for every possibility.  We had to have an answer for everything.

Christmas came and The Ex and I were engaged.  That seemed to be a black mark on us with the trial, not being engaged or married, so it seemed right.  Our families were pushing for us to be engaged, to put our minds on something else.  We celebrated and everyone seemed thrilled to have something positive to look forward too.  In our hearts though we just couldn’t set a date until the rest of our lives calmed down.  Much to everyone’s dismay we put any thoughts of a wedding on the back burner.

We were almost a year into this and were finally getting ready to go to court.  You read that right, ONE year THEN court.

Life pretty much fucking sucked but we were doing the best we could.

I remember Lawyer telling us who our judge was going to be and he didn’t seem thrilled.  This judge would later let a juvenile free from a psych ward that would then walk into a mall and randomly shoot and kill 8 people.  To say I think this judge is a piece of shit is underestimating it.  I don’t have a lot of respect for him or the county in which we held our case.

At any rate this was what we had prepared for.  I was advised court would be a slow process and it wasn’t like TV.  We had our witnesses lined up, we had prayed, we had begged, we had done everything we could.

It was time to go before a judge and see what fate held for us.

One thought on “Preparing for Battle

  1. I’m really fascinated reading Rebeccas story. I can’t believe what you went through and its so over whelming. I’m also really impressed by how you speak about your ex. With so much grace, something many women fail to do. I look forward to the next update.

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