17 Weeks- Contractors

At 17 weeks pregnant I have discovered my tailbone.  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago, my tailbone felt like I had landed on it funny.  I mentioned it to my doc who said that was normal and blamed hormones.  No problem.  Sitting all day, at work, it has progressively gotten worse.  As in, I am reminded daily I have a tailbone, something I didn’t think about often in my pre-pregnancy days.  I’ve been more mindful to get up and walk around more during the day and try to adjust myself a bit more in my chair.  While annoying, it isn’t the end of the world and it is more minor in the evenings as I am on the go more with walks and yoga. Not a huge complaint but the first thing that has really bothered me with this pregnancy.

About a week ago I felt like I finally got a bump and it depends on the time of day with how big I look.  I’ve gained a total of 2lbs and lost my lower abs.  My sister likes to make comments, especially in the evenings, laughing at how weird it is for her to see me with a bit of a belly.  I’ve always had a flat stomach and this cracks her up.  If it was anyone else I would deck them, for her I will let it go:)  Some of my pants seem tighter and I’m a bit self-conscious in tighter shirts right now but I’m not noticeable to people who don’t know I’m actually pregnant.  I can tell you though, naked, I am pregnant, no doubt about it.  But alas I don’t think I can just walk around naked, even though it would be so much easier. Clothes, I have come to realize, are so uncomfortable when pregnant.

I think I can say I have actually felt the baby move this week as well.  My doc asked last week and I felt stupid answering no but she made me feel better saying it wasn’t until she was 22 weeks pregnant (with twins) that she realized what she was feeling.  I will occasionally feel a flip or flutter, more during yoga or when I’m leaning forward, and I’m just going to assume that is baby letting me know it is there.  If not, it is a fart on the move.

At this point I can say we are no closer to being ready for a baby than we were when we first found out.  In fact, some may think, (and have said) we have gone in reverse. The nursery isn’t filling with baby stuff but with loads of my sister’s stuff, as she keeps hauling more stuff in, with anticipation of her big move. We gave in to have contractors come in to do some of the work in the basement as we are just plain under a time constraint and the Husband is working 70-80 hour weeks.  So our house is full of contractors.  And dust.  Lots of dust.  And instead of trips to Babies R Us, we go to Home Depot.  Like, every day.  I should do commercials for them.  It should also be noted that as a pregnant person I am very grateful that Home Depot has very clean, nice bathrooms (Way better than our Babies R Us)  and large carts that I can sit on while my Husband takes forever to make decisions.

To add to the fun we are going through hell to close on our rental house.  That required us throwing a new roof on the damn place, followed by more contractors there to finish a few details.  What I’m saying is my day is filled with contractors, dust, paint samples, floor samples, etc. and not with the ability to think about cribs yet.  I haven’t slowed down and I’m fine with that.  It makes the pregnancy go by faster.

Since the day the Husband and I have met we have always had several projects in the air.  We never do one thing at a time so I guess we are just going to stick with that.  I feel very fortunate I haven’t had to put the brakes on myself yet.  I just drag around more water to drink and some extra granola bars.   Plus, life would feel lame if it was quiet and we just watched the clock tick by for 23 more weeks waiting for baby’s arrival.



5 thoughts on “17 Weeks- Contractors

  1. Your 17 weeks? I am 15 today! For some reason, I thought you were more ahead of me, but I guess that’s about right. I am freakin jealous you have only gained two pounds! I am already at about 6 pounds, and I’m trying to be very careful about it. I’m already wearing maternity pants because none of my clothes fit that well. To be honest though, I got pregnant when I was already at my heaviest in the past five years, so I didn’t exactly have a good start. Oh well, dr says my weight gain has been fine so far.
    Ok but the real reason I am commenting is bc of your tailbone! I am having the hardest time staying seated at my desk!! Thank goodness I have an adjustable standup desk so I can go back and forth, but sitting the whole day is killing me, where it didn’t used to before, and I feel like it’s just such a weird symptom. I’ve been walking a lot though, two 10-minute walks in the morning and afternoon, 30 mins at lunch, and again in the evening to walk the dog. And the walking seems to help, but my masseuse says I’m already getting edema, so then I can’t be on my feet TOO long. AHHH catch-22!
    anyway, I’m right there with you. No baby things, I’ve barely started looking at registry items…I’m wondering when I’ll feel the urge to buy baby things? prob not til later I hope.

    1. Yep we are just two weeks apart! Even though our due dates say a few more dates, I believe. My friend that had the premie also had tailbone issues. Seems very common and my doc said to just keep up with yoga, chiropractor appts and get massages. She also suggested a donut pillow at work but I’m all “Hell no!” Yea, it is a weird symptom but once I googled, it apparently isn’t so weird.
      I think 6lbs is more on with what you are suppose to gain so don’t you worry about it! I have such a hard time gaining weight but my doc says she is fine with it so far. At the end of the day, what doc says is what I go by. Screw everyone else:)
      I think once the basement is done and my sister moves her crap out of the nursery then I will be more likely to want to buy stuff. aaaand once we find out exactly what it is (May 27th!)
      I’m telling ya, rainbow baby meet up at your place next summer:)

  2. aww I bet whenever you do start showing you will be so adorable, as if you weren’t already and I am sure you have heard that 100x already so I’ll shut up now 😉 You two have always had a lot of projects going at once, so true! I hope it calms a bit for you! xo

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