Pregnancy and July 4th

I love summertime.  Even more so, I love July 4th.  Normally, we celebrate my birthday early, we spend a small fortune on fireworks, roast in the sun, stay up late with bonfires, jump off the side of the boat, float in the water and drink till our hearts are content.

It is amazing how quickly pregnancy can ruin that for a person.  When I first realized the full timeline of my pregnancy I was thrilled that it would not coincide with the actual holiday’s of December but I then wondered how I would handle having to put the brakes on for an entire summer.  While it has been a bit easier than I thought it would, it still sucks, I’m not going to sugar coat that.

This past weekend friends were looking for me on the river, texting, asking if we were boating and where we were partying.  I sadly said this pirate was off the boat, sitting in my mother’s backyard, drinking a big thing of water, not in a swimsuit.  Everyone sent their condolences, knowing this party girl was lacking rum in her life and promised to have a drink for me.  I stood back further than normal when my Husband and brother blew up various large fruits in the fields.  I felt like shit when I got crazy and had more than one dessert.  People that did come party with us complained about how it just wasn’t the same when I was knocked up.  I agreed and my Husband reminded me it would all be better in 15 weeks and a few days.

I’m not saying your life is over when you are pregnant but no matter what you have to slow down.  You can’t just do whatever you want.  You have someone else to think about and have to be mindful of your body.  I can’t be the hostess with the mostess. (I swear that is a word)  I can’t even be the one leading the party at all.  In fact, I stopped to go take a nap once.  A nap.  Me.

Quite honestly, we have been making this summer work.  Our weekends are filled with so much else that I haven’t had time to dwell on what we normally would be doing.  I just knew this past weekend wouldn’t be the same and it wasn’t.  To make it easier we set up our plans for the next fourth of July which includes a large lake, boating, a cabin, babysitters and you guessed it, rum.  The good news is, pregnancy doesn’t last forever and there is always next year.





4 thoughts on “Pregnancy and July 4th

  1. It has to feel entirely different and I can guarantee I would be handling it similarly to you…handling it but not necessarily happily about it (not that you aren’t happy to be pregnant, but just with the side effects of it changing your life!). xoxo

  2. It’s amazing how much we sacrifice. I felt the same way last summer when we were traveling in Spain. No wine, no sangria…ugh!! It’s ok to complain, we have every right to

    1. It is certainly a sacrifice! I can not imagine Spain and no wine. You two will have to do that trip again so you can make up for the lack of drinking:)

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