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I have heard how some women feel very confident and sexy when they are pregnant.  I was confident in my own body before I was pregnant and thought that feeling wouldn’t change.  Boy was I wrong.  I do not feel sexy, I do not feel womanly, I feel off balanced and not myself.  And with only a 10lb weight gain, thus far, I still feel huge most days.  It also isn’t for lack of support from my Husband who has not been one of those men weirded out by my ever changing body, in fact, he loves it.

Here I was, last night, walking my dog, in town.  I went by a house that had a large field in the front.  Several young boys were out playing a game of football and along the fence line was a few of their girlfriends, cheering them on.  I glanced at the scene and thought to myself, how time flies, I used to be that girl on the fence line but damn I wouldn’t pay to go back.

As we walked by I heard one of the boys yell something about “nice ass!” while other boys agreed in unison.  I couldn’t imagine he was talking to me and didn’t dare turn around to check.   Although another girl then yells “I’m right here and I can see you checking out her ass!”  I glanced over my shoulder to see that indeed they were looking at me.

I held my head a bit higher as I headed back home and may have had more swag in my step.  At dinner I told my sister and Husband.  The Husband gave me a high-five and my sister used it as reason to tell me once again, you can’t tell I’m pregnant in a t-shirt from a ways away.  Pathetic that it took a high school boy (so damn young and wrong, I know) to give me a boost in spirits but every now and then us ladies need it.  If those boys only knew they were hollering at someone much older than them and 25 weeks pregnant. Bam. It is the little things in life.