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I picked up my Husband for lunch recently.  He jumped in my truck and was ready to have a serious conversation.  He had read an article that not only should the Mamma’s be getting a push present but hell, the Dad’s deserved one too!

And then I almost drove off the road in a blind, hormonal rage.

Where the hell was he going with this?  Did he think he deserved some present for going on with life while I did the heavy lifting for nine months?!  I’m being slightly dramatic but let’s get real here.

Thankfully he was not intending this conversation to be about him gaining a new present.  Instead, he wanted to know my legit thoughts on the trendy topic of push presents.  Basically he wanted to know if this was something he should be purchasing or forgetting.  So I drove us back into the correct lane of traffic and shelved my crazy.

Push presents are becoming more and more popular by the day.  They range from something small and simple to costly and extravagant.  All in an effort to congratulate the new Mamma on pushing a watermelon out her vagina.  Sort of a remembrance, if you will.  (As if you could forget it.)

I think every relationship is different in how one celebrates something and therefore push presents may just be up to what you and your spouse decide.  In fact, I don’t think this is all that trendy.  I think for years husband’s have given their wives some sort of memento of that milestone in their lives.  There just wasn’t a name to it.  Do I think a woman should demand that she gets a new diamond ring to flaunt on social media?  No.

In our recent discussion I told him I wasn’t really comfortable with a push present, per se.  I mean, we are spending a fortune on our kid alone right now.  To remember this milestone in our lives we will forever have a kid that requires cash.  Instead we decided our next trip to the Caribbean, in the Spring, would be my/our push present or better yet, celebration of surviving pregnancy together as a couple.  We can celebrate with time alone, a beach, friends and rum.  Also known as our post-babymoon.  Shoving all trendy pregnancy things into one basically.