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Can I just start by saying how pretty that number 30 looks?  My countdown app now shows 9 weeks and some days till this baby should exit and that is single digits.  Such a relief and a good feeling to know we are finally getting somewhere.

Back to the real stuff though, other people’s comments about your impending baby lifestyle, namely, how you will transport your new bundle of joy. I’m not quite sure about people’s automatic assumption that you should be running out to buy the latest and greatest family friendly vehicle to shove the car seat into.  It has been an increasingly common question brought up to us about whether or not we were going to be looking at the go-to SUV or the mini-van and it has made me crazy.

We currently have two vehicles.  A Ford F150 and a Ford F550.  Let me picture this for you in case you aren’t knowledgeable in this area.

I do believe there are some factors to think about when you are wondering about what is best.

  • Can your vehicle safely hold your child’s car seat.
  • If you are adding a 2nd (or more) child, can all car seats safely fit into the vehicle.
  • Can your stroller fit into the trunk, bed, back-end, etc?  You don’t realize how huge some of those suckers are and how not huge some trunks are.
  • Can you safely get your child in and out of the vehicle without smacking their head, your head, their car seat, etc. around on the ceiling, door, and such.
  • Will your child be safe in an auto accident.
  • Is the auto conducive to your lifestyle and where you live.

We live on a mud road, we have to have 4 wheel drive, we haul things, transport things, tow things and actually use the crap out of our trucks.  Not having a truck for me is not an option but everyone has been on our ass to think otherwise.  What difference does it make what we drive?  I truly don’t care what you are driving your child in.  I take that back, I would probably judge you if your primary car seat hauler was a Corvette, there is something unrealistic about that.  But if you are a loud and proud mini van driver, good for you.  If the soccer Mom SUV is your all time favorite, that is great.  If your compact car makes you happy, then more power to you.  Because that is what works for you.

While everyone makes changes to their life before their nugget enters the world, we refuse to baby proof every aspect of our life.  We have a life now and will have that life after she is born.  We know that she can safely be put in this truck, driven around and it is the best thing for us.

Over the weekend I took to Facebook to announce that we did indeed decide to do something about our vehicle before the baby arrived.  For all those worried I informed them I did in fact trade in my 2013 truck for a 2015 truck.  Hopefully we put that one to rest.

What choices, if any, have you had to make about what is parked in your driveway?