31 Weeks – Hormones

It seems when you become pregnant you are not allowed to simply have a bad day.  You cannot just wake up on the wrong side of the bed after no sleep, spill coffee on your shirt, forget your lunch on the counter, get cut off by an old person driver, show up at work late, and just have a bad day in general.  No.  Because you have a bump protruding from your middle people look at you, throw up their hands and yell something about a hormonal pregnant lady.  Everyone else seems to be able to chalk their attitude up to an off day but as the pregnant person, they assume hormones and walk a circle around you.  Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

Prior to being pregnant and just being a normal woman, who had her monthly visit from Aunt Flo, I thankfully never had PMS or any other mood swings associated with the time.  It came, it happened, it left, I got on with life.  I have never been able to blame a bad mood, bad days, binge eating or any other symptom on PMS.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist though because my sister and mother have those batch of hormones.

What I’m saying is I never yelled at my Husband and then had to later go back and apologize, using the PMS reasoning.  I just had to apologize for taking out my bad day on him.

But now, at 31 weeks pregnant, I will say I know I do have some hormonal days and I own them.  I know they could be worse and mine are mild but I do have days where I feel like I got a new batch of hormones because I can cry at a Pampers commercial or at the fact that I don’t have cupcakes in the house.  I can tell the difference between a bad day and a hormonal one.  One would think pregnancy is a perfect excuse for a bad attitude day or reason to scream at someone and blame hormones but not me.  In the past 31 weeks I’ve just had bad days that have nothing to do with being pregnant and everything to do with life.  Because life still happens while you are pregnant, news flash, I know.

So what is with society (and I’m more specifically looking at you men) wanting to assume everything that happens to a woman, that is not 100% rainbows out of her mouth, is a form of hormones?  I’m sick of the excuse, people thinking it is funny, and using it as the butt of a joke.  Male and female, we all have our bad days where comments are said and actions are done that we later regret because of the mood we were in.  That mood can depend on a million things happening because truth be told, that person that just cut me off in traffic, may be having a much worse day than mine and honestly didn’t mean to cut me off.

Hormones are not the answer to everything when you are pregnant or not pregnant as a woman.  They are just the answer some days.  So before you offer that excuse to someone, remember you could be putting them down and it isn’t funny to point at the pregnant lady or your upset *wife and scream “hormones!”  It could be that you are being an ass and hurt that persons feelings or they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stepped on a lego and just need a hug.

*Sidenote- My Husband has been stellar about not using the hormone excuse.  Others in my life, not so much.



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