From the Aisles of Target

Last week school started around our area.  On the first day of school, I found myself in the school supply section at Target, digging for a binder and any other things that looked like I might require them while on sale.  I noticed the high school aged girls a few feet from me, staring.  They were the type that wouldn’t have been friends with me in high school, no I wasn’t that cute or popular.  I assumed they were normal, 17 and staring at the pregnant lady.  I found what I needed and went around to the next aisle, stopping at the end cap, just out of their vision because, clearance.

Then I heard this “Could you imagine starting school being that pregnant! How embarrassing! Did you see that?!  You can’t hide that at school!”

Emphasis on that.  Like I’m the size of a damn elephant.

Then the giggles started, from me.  Did I just hear that? My initial thought was to walk back around and ask if they could narrow down just what type of first day of school I just cleared? Are we talking senior in high school?  Junior in college?  I don’t even care that they acted like I was going to give birth to a litter of cows.  Please just narrow down what grade I’m in so I can tell my friends!  Thanks for thinking I’m not just 33, pregnant, twice married, once divorced, and carrying a mortgage with my name on it.  Thank you for ignoring the wrinkles around my eyes and anything else that shows my age.

Instead I went down the next aisle, held in my giggles but also thanked God that I’m not starting any form of school because you honestly couldn’t pay me enough to go back to high school these days.  I barely survived the first time around!


7 thoughts on “From the Aisles of Target

  1. ha! that’s awesome! but also scary. In a way. that it’s no surprise really if you WERE in high school and pregnant. But you’ve got it girl, looking so young and fabulous 😉 xo

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