33 Weeks- Perinatologist Appt

This morning we had our latest and greatest appointment with our perinatologist.  The last time we saw him was 6 weeks ago and our nugget’s growth was in the 53rd percentile.  Today, for the first time, she refused to cooperate.  To be fair, it was her mid morning calm time.  She placed her hands over her face, smashed her nose against my placenta and didn’t care to move around much.  This created awesome 3D pictures that look like a window licking panda in there.

Either way we sat for quite a while as the tech measured and clicked away before the doctor came in and continued with his clicking.  The final conclusion is, we have a little baby on our hands.  In the past 6 weeks she has gone from the 53rd percentile to the 20th percentile for her size and is currently at 4lbs 6oz.  We believe this is due to my heart medication as he can’t find any other reason why her growth would be dropping so quickly.  While this isn’t a huge cause for concern right now, we will go back for another growth scan in 4 weeks.  If anything is measuring in the 10th percentile, then we will have a new discussion about what will happen from there.  Namely, not causing stress on a baby that is already small and making sure there is nothing else going on.  Till then, we proceed as normal.

I go back in for a regular appointment with my OB on Friday so I’m sure she will fill me in on anything else then.  We are really not worried about anything at this point.  If our nugget is on the smaller side and still healthy then my vagina will thank me.  Just thinking positively here.


9 thoughts on “33 Weeks- Perinatologist Appt

  1. Continue with positive thoughts! This can feel like an overwhelming concern but your sweet pea will be just fine! Plenty of well wishes your way!

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