34 Weeks – 2nd Baby Shower

A week and a few days ago we were lucky enough to be thrown our second baby shower in a bar.  Yes, classy.  Actually it was a party room in a bar in which we invited all of our friends, male and female, demanded zero children attend, no presents be opened and no games be played.  We just wanted a night for our friends to come hang out, eat and drink with us.  Okay, I had water, but the martini’s looked really yummy.

This was the perfect balance to our more traditional first baby shower and you guys, it was amazing.  My Husband was happy to be in on the action, we had plenty of time to really catch up with friends, and everyone thought it was the coolest idea.  One of my brilliant friends, who threw the shower for us, had a nice Pinterest idea for everyone.  She bought tons of plain wooden blocks and sharpies, laid them out on the tables and let people use their imaginations as they drank, to decorate blocks for the baby.  This turned into a drinking game of lining up the blocks and creating dirty stories.  I know, we are horrible people and you can judge us BUT the laughter from people, the fun, the memories, the high fives, the drinks being knocked over (drunks) the BLOCKS.  We got calls and texts the following week from people saying best baby shower ever!

For that time being, while we celebrated, I didn’t feel like the odd pregnant person.  I didn’t feel like the one holding everyone back.  I didn’t feel like I just missed out on the entire fun of Summer.  I didn’t feel like I was benched while the rest of the team got to play.  Man, did I need all of that.  Even better I was able to do it all with my Husband by my side instead of coming back to the house afterwards and filling him in on the details.

We got home late that night, sat on the floor with the left over cake and opened all the gifts together.  I couldn’t sleep from the sugar high that night but it was well worth it. The love from both baby showers was incredibly overwhelming.  To see the support we have from our friends and family is amazing and to be able to share in those moments with my Husband was even better.  If you are on the fence about the co-ed baby shower or doing something different, do it.  To be able to have that night with my Husband, celebrating our baby, was something I will never regret.


7 thoughts on “34 Weeks – 2nd Baby Shower

    1. They were just basic wooden blocks found on Amazon! Some people made cute A, B, C blocks, some had pictures of animals and others made some with words like fart, lick, or balls and that is when all sorts of wrongness started. Needless to say, baby may not get to play with some of the blocks.

  1. We had one of your showers at a brewery so I understand feeling a little odd as the only Preggo lady there. But I bet it was a comfortable environment for your guests. I’m so glad you’re surrounded by so many supportive people.

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