37 Weeks- Clear for take off

I have hit the mark that all doctors want you to hit.  I got a high five from my perinatologist, on Tuesday, for it.  37 weeks.  We are at the point where they quit talking about keeping the baby in there and start talking about when the baby comes out.  It is a very surreal moment, I must say.  We made it.

The good news is, the baby is still growing, although still on the small side, he said it is nothing to worry about.  We will not have to make another trip back  to the perinatologist and he will talk things over with my OB, who I see on Friday.  His main thing is that he does not want me to go beyond my due date, which I am completely fine with, and my OB will discuss a game plan with me at the next appointment.  And with that we were out the door and it suddenly felt like our time with him flew by.

It is October.  The month we were married.  The month we met.  The month we will welcome our baby.  The month everything always happens in my life.  Where would I be in life without all my Octobers?

My family has gotten to this point, where if I don’t answer my phone, they assume I’m in labor.  People are starting to make the “Aren’t you about done!?” comments.  I’m finishing up my last week, and longest week ever, of work.   I’m just over all of this pregnancy stuff and ready to move on to the next phase of this.  I can say, I will forever give a 9 month pregnant person all the space and forgiveness in the world because the struggle is real my friends and I officially want my body back.  What I’m saying is Dear baby, you are clear for take off and we are ready for you.




14 thoughts on “37 Weeks- Clear for take off

    1. It is the 20th! Although last night hubby and I were running through the list of everyone we know who has October birthdays- which is everyone! You two included, so she is bound to land on someones bday!

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