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The most life changing thing finally happened about a week ago.  Cora moved to the crib in her own room and the pack n play came down in our room.  We had tried several times before to get her to stay in her room but to no avail.  She would nap in there plenty of times but at night she just knew.  Because they always know.

We carefully laid her down last week around her normal 7:30pm bedtime and tip toed out of the room.  I was waiting for the hell that would follow, as it had when we previously tried but then she slept till 1am, waking for a bottle and going right back down in her crib.  She woke, refreshed, at 6:30am and I felt like a whole new woman.  I assumed it was a fluke but here we are, almost a week later and the angels are singing, rainbows are over our home, and pixie dust is happily flying.  We are a happy, sleeping, household.

I knew, with her in our room, we were stopping her from getting a good nights rest.  I knew we were the reason for her going from a normally good sleeping baby to waking way more often than need be.  I knew what had to happen but damn if she just wouldn’t agree.  Finally, she agreed.

To be fair, the first few times we tried I was more emotional than what needed to be over it.  I may have hindered the process.

But then I snapped calmly came to my senses.  She must move on to her own room.  Like Wendy moving out of the nursery in Peter Pan.

I can’t explain how nice it is to turn on MY bedroom light again in the evenings.  I can fold AND put away my laundry at night.  I can take a shower and open doors without the fear of waking her.  And I swear she used to be able to HEAR the second my head hit the pillow.  With no baby to wake, all the things can happen in my room again.  All. The. Things.

When you look back at the past 6 months, it does fly.  It is a short period they are in your room, a short period they are newborns, a short period where you feel like the nights are endless. The time goes by, they grow, they sleep, they get easier, they get more fun, and they move on to a new phase.  I’m eternally grateful for each moment, no matter how crazy.