Dating in Today’s World

My sister has recently taken up online dating.  On Match, to be exact.  She has been divorced for a while now, not caring to date but taking the time to piece herself and her life back together.  The dating profile has been a rolling joke on wine night.  Hey, let’s set one up for you!  Then one night she didn’t roll her eyes and instead said Let’s do it!   So we did.  We poured the wine, we looked for the perfect pictures, we had a sober person check our grammar, and  we charged her card $131 for 6 months and we laughed our asses off.  We even called in the Husband to help as he was the only one around who had prior experience in online dating.  Well, I’m not going to lie, the man used it to get laid back in the day.

So this online dating thing is very new to me and I’m fascinated.  It is a full-time job, like looking for a job.  Within days, my sister was getting messages, winks and I’m not sure what the rest of it is called, but things were happening.

One message caught her attention and it was on from there.  And the world is small my friends because long story, short.  He is a friend of several of my friends and works with my ex-husband.  Messages led to texting, led to a first date, more dates and one night she crashed at his place and then last night the man crashed at our place after we sat up late last night, altogether, chatting and getting to know him.

It is interesting watching this path my sister is traveling.  It is fun for my Husband and I to sit on the couch and hear how things are going or look at profiles online with her. It makes us reminisce about our early days dating.  We mention those little moments that changed us, changed our path in life, made our hearts melt.  Everyone knows what I’m talking about.  The early stuff where everything is roses, holding hands gives you butterflies and every text is from a fairytale.

It is nice to be reminded of those precious little moments that built our relationship foundation.  Not that my Husband doesn’t give me butterflies still but it isn’t like it was in the beginning.  Not every text is flirting because sometimes we have to discuss the baby and her recent poop schedule.

My sister’s date came up from the basement this morning, as I was getting ready for work and the baby glared at him, wondering who this stranger was.  He mentioned how he has done the walk of shame many times before but never with such judgment and from a baby no less!  My sister walked him out and all I could think was how lucky boys are because they can go to work the next day in the same clothes and their friends won’t notice.

I’ve watched a lot of my friend’s have amazing online stories that ended with the fairytale.  My sister is well on the path to the same and you can bet I will never let him live down the fact that my sister basically purchased him for the drunk payment of $131.

4 thoughts on “Dating in Today’s World

  1. LOL I love this story! and that you get to watch from the sidelines and see it all unfold. I always forget you never online dated! it was an experience for sure, definitely a part time job but for me, obviously so worth it 🙂 Good luck to your sis!!

    1. You are one of my “hey, it works!” stories! Haha! I love sitting back and watching this but man it involves a lot! It has been a while since I’ve watched someone date:)

  2. I feel like dating has changed drastically in the past decade. There is no longer a stigma attached to online dating–and now they even have apps for it!! I went on a few online dates after my breakup with The Ex–it was a huge pick-me-up but nothing ever panned out. I hope it works out for your sister! I’ve known so many people who have met and married through online dating…

    1. I really do think it works for a lot of people. It is hard to date in today’s world! So much has changed! The last time she dated was in college so we know how different it is now! Haha!

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