Preparing for Winter

I only work three days a week, Tues-Thurs.  While our weekends are filled with family activities, that leaves Cora and I with two days, to ourselves, to get into trouble.  Right now, Monday's tend to be our wind down day at home to relax and Friday's are our errand running day.  In between, on those days, [...]

Kicking the Bottle

When we went in for our 9 month appointment our pediatrician talked to us about getting rid of the bottle by the time Cora turned 1.  Not that she pressured us about it but did help us understand how much more difficult it will be after age 1.  Quite frankly, I was totally on board with the [...]

Life of a fertile

A few weeks ago my day care provider told me she was pregnant with her second child and quickly followed it up with her social media announcements.  To be fair, she wasn't joking, she shows very early and it is hard to keep that a secret on her.  Personally, I still would have kept it off [...]