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If I could sum up baby proofing in a nut shell I would say it is not for us.  There are aisles of locks, magnets, fasteners and other things, in every store, to keep your child from falling, bruising, climbing, and the works.  Essentially you can try to turn your home into a safe bubble for your child to live in.  But once again, it really isn’t for us.

I recently had someone tell me they didn’t even bother unpacking most of their stuff when they moved into their new home.  They just assumed the baby would get into it all so why bother.  I’ve had some say they are just lazy at home and would rather not worry about their kid getting into anything.  I guess we take a different approach.  I would rather my baby learn what is hers and what is not.  What is a “pretty” and what is a toy.  What is a “no-no” and what is not.  Sure, it is a bitch teaching her these things but I don’t want my home to be void of shit for the next couple of years just so she can have the run of it.  Plus, she doesn’t pay the mortgage, I do and I want my nice crap on the shelves.

Also, I want to go to another persons home, with my child, and not be mortified by her throwing their pretty items around because she has never seen such things.  Basically because people have had their kids do that at my home.  The parents go around “baby-proofing” like they are completely appalled I would own a picture frame.

We did a few of the basics.  When we built our home, we put in safe outlets, so we don’t need the covers.   There is a gate at the top of the stairs that goes to the basement.  We put cabinet locks for the under the sink cabinet with all of the poisonous stuff.  And just the other day I had it with her pulling out the drawer under the stove and smashing her fingers so I put a lock on it. Otherwise, I have candles and pictures frames out, dog food bowls at her level, and lighters within her reach.  Okay, I’m kidding on the last one there.  And the candles aren’t lit, just for the record.  There have been a lot of no’s and a lot of redirecting but she is getting the hang of it.  Sure we may have to add a few safety things here and there (like the stove lock) as times goes on but I refuse to turn my house into a bubble.

Sometimes she opens the cabinets and pulls out bowls and Ziploc bags.  Sometimes she bounces her head off the tile floor in a tantrum. And gasp, we have objects with sharp corners.  But all that shit exists out in public, or at friends homes, or hotel rooms.  I can’t put my kid in a bubble wherever we go.

Maybe there are parents reading this saying Oh, just you wait. Maybe one day I will be running the aisles of Babies R Us and purchasing every safety device possible.  For now, I think she is learning.

How far do you go in the baby proofing world?

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