What Did I Do Before Baby?

Before I had Cora, I would constantly hear parents, of little ones, say I don’t even remember what life was like before I had my baby! What did I do with all my free time?

First of all, I want to punch people who say that.  Secondly, you remember.  Thirdly, quit saying that.

I remember exactly what my life was like before I had a baby.

I went to the gym much more often and didn’t have to rely on such a fucked up work out schedule.  I could go to a class without finding a babysitter.  I didn’t have to dreadmill it, at 9pm, in my basement.  I didn’t have to stop mid-plank to stop the baby from dumping her bottle on my head.  I didn’t have to quit mid yoga session due to someone waking from a nap.

I drank more wine, then went to bed.  Whether it was wine night with the girls or wine night with my dog or Wednesday.  There was no thought to hey, I should quit drinking now because I will have to get up in the middle of the night/morning/in an hour/at some point with the baby.  Babies don’t care how much you drank the night before and they don’t know what a hangover is.  They will wake up and maybe like to play with every toy that makes stupid noise.

I stayed up way later.

There was more money.  Formula, diapers, wipes, I have no control over ALL the clothes I buy for her, lotion, jar food…the list is endless.  Kids aren’t cheap and mamma likes to travel.

My Husband and I had more sex.  Now we have to be creative, not tired, put the baby down for a nap or not share a hotel room with her.

I read more books. It isn’t like I couldn’t read now but see aforementioned crazy workout schedule that takes precedence.

I went shopping/got manicures/got pedicures/went golfing.  You know, all the fun “out of the house stuff” that now requires a babysitter, child in tow, planning ahead.

There was one less.  Each time you add another person to your tribe, that is one more to work around, worry about, pay for, haul with you, pray for, plan for and everything else.  It takes up brain space, like woah.

Oh, I knew all this was coming.  I wasn’t one of those who didn’t think that.  I’m not complaining, well maybe a little but again, I knew what I was getting myself into.  But to those who exclaim that their child free, former self somehow is now unimaginable-well that is crap.  You think about her when you are wondering just how you are going to wipe up all the poop and keep it from covering both you and the baby.

What free time adventures do you miss Mamma?   


6 thoughts on “What Did I Do Before Baby?

  1. I get you. You get me. I am not alone. You are not alone. The life of a mother!

    I love that you said, “I didn’t have to dreadmill it, at 9pm, in my basement.” SO TRUE! Ha! Although, I don’t have a treadmill or a basement. I speak from hearing my sister complain about that.

    I miss being able to go about my night without worrying about Z Nugget hearing my voice and waking up; then, having to drop everything I’m doing to go tend to her. I know this soon will be over, but when you’re in the moment, it’s exhausting!

  2. I seriously want to punch anyone in the face who says they a) forget what life was like before having a kid or b) don’t miss their old life before having a kid. HOW COULD YOU NOT?? I mean, of course life is different and better in a lot of ways when you have a baby, but you aren’t normal if you say that you don’t miss the old days when things were easier. Just like you described here. I went to a bachelorette party recently and my one friend, who is single and no kids, kept talking about how drunk everyone was going to get because we were doing a wine tour. I just laughed and said that I wouldn’t be as my next day involved not just one but two First birthday parties for H’s friends and it sounds completely awful to me to be hungover and dealing with that. And when everyone kept trying to shove more wine in my hands I felt like the old maid saying “no thanks. I have a baby to wake up to tomorrow.” And who can honestly say that they don’t miss having the ability to sleep in and then lounge in bed for as long as they want before getting up?

    1. Yes, times ten, to all of this. I would love to get shit faced and not have to get up the next morning. Of course I miss that! Of course I would want to go on a wine tour and have ALL the wine.

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