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When we went in for our 9 month appointment our pediatrician talked to us about getting rid of the bottle by the time Cora turned 1.  Not that she pressured us about it but did help us understand how much more difficult it will be after age 1.  Quite frankly, I was totally on board with the idea because the sooner we can be done with that hassle, the better.

That being said, I struggled with taking away the bottle when she was struggling so much with eating food.  I was looking more at making sure she was still getting the nutrients she needed and getting her tummy full.  So I started with that, getting better at the food thing and that has been consuming our time the past two months instead.  With her two little teeth, we are finally getting to a better place with real and jar food.

Cora has been using a sippy since she was 5 months old but it has never been something we forced.  Mainly just at the high chair.  She has also been drinking her bottle on her own for a couple of months now.  Sometimes she will sit on our laps and drink it or lay on the floor with it.  We rock her with it before each nap and before bed.  I will say neither are things we let her go to bed with, walk around with or hold onto for comfort which I think has only helped us.

After all of my Google research (fail), I realized we finally just had to jump into ditching the bottle because like most things, I think it is the parents that make something harder, not the kids.  I know it is easier for me to hand her a bottle, when we are out and about, than finding her a snack, that she will actually eat, and that won’t require a bath directly afterwards.  Parenting fail but parenting truth.

So over the weekend we I went for it.  No bottles unless she was going to sleep.  Cold turkey, just like that.  If you ask how many bottles she has a day, I don’t know…a lot.  Because she would only have about 3oz at a time.  She definitely goes through more at daycare because provider fail, kinda like parenting fail, it was easier for the provider to toss a bottle her way.

Let me tell you, easy as pie.  If she wanted a bottle, she got her Nuk sippy with milk.  I could tell she treasured those nap time bottles a little more because she was more cuddly and drank them dry.  So we are down to three 4oz bottles during the day.  (2 nap bottles and 1 at bedtime.)  That is, until I dropped her at daycare this morning with explicit instructions, loads of snacks, extra sippy’s and a good pep talk.  She looked scared…the provider, not Cora.  It could all be going to hell as we speak.

As she hit the 11 month mark today (and with the recommendation from our pediatrician) we will also start, slowly, transitioning her to whole milk.  I want to be completely off formula by the first birthday.

Our next goal is getting rid of the nap bottles and then we will move on to the night wakings and bottles.  I know that is going to be a tougher hurdle.  She still wakes 1-2 times a night and has a bottle both times.

I feel like month 11 is one huge transition for us but I really don’t want to rush her. If she isn’t ready for something, I don’t want to push it. I am not trying to rush her into growing up or not being a baby because she is still a baby.  A baby I can still cuddle at night and let her lay curled against me, sound asleep after that bottle.  That can’t be wished away because that will be gone soon as well.

What recommendations do you have for kicking night feedings and kicking the bottle?  What worked and didn’t work for you mamma?