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When we were dropping bottles and formula, I was dead set on dropping that middle of the night waking that my child insisted upon as well.  I read enough sites, researched, asked around, figured there was no reason why my one year old couldn’t sleep her happy ass through the night.  She was merely waking up for a sip of milk and a cuddle. Nothing else.

So we gave it a try.  Crying it out.  Ignoring.  Counting her own sheep.  Then she got sick so we (we as in me, my husband didn’t do shit) put it on the back burner.  Then she got better.  Then she was teething.  Then she wasn’t.  And somewhere in there, in the middle of the night, I decided to drop it.  To not give a fuck that my kid wakes up once a night for a sippy of milk and a cuddle.  All of which lasts 10 minutes.  My kid lies right down for bed, naps great, and always sleeps in her own crib.  90% of the time it is only once a night.  Unless teething.  Because fuck teething my friends.

Sure, I would love to sleep through the night.  I really would.  I know my kid doesn’t need to be rocked, with a sippy of milk in the middle of the night.  I also know that this time will end.  How she hands me her sippy when she is done, pops her binky back in, curls up against me, clutches to my shirt and closes her eyes, while I rock her….that all will end.  A 10 minute routine that is just us in the calm, dead of the night.  Instead of forcing it to end, I have decided to accept it.

I do not accept the waking every hour, on the hour, for teething, like last night.  That I do not accept but that I apparently have zero control over as well.

I have also come to realize that maybe this is something she needs just as much.  She needs that cuddle and that closeness.  She needs the dead of the night.  It is almost like a meditation time for us both.  Clear minds and nowhere to be.  10 minutes to ourselves to reconnect and then back to dream land.  So I don’t have any advice for you mammas in the same boat.  I’m just going to ride this one out for a bit until it feels like I need to crack down on it or she gives up on it.  They are only this little once and I can lose 10 minutes of sleep a night  for it.

Unless teething, then send coffee.