Post Holidays and 14 Months

Our holidays have come and are almost over.  I say almost because I am hosting one last family get together this weekend at my home.  Then I can finally take my tree down.  Vacuum up all of the needles and then vacuum again because they are never gone.  I can pack away everything neatly, for another year and gain some control over my home again.

Cora was completely overwhelmed by the holidays and all of the people.  We attempted a trip to see Santa because I have go see the big guy.  I swear I will pay for her therapy for it one day.  Christmas morning she hid behind a present or on my lap.  She gripped her hot wheels cars and stared at the chaos that was ensuing around here.  She watched, from a safe distance, as her cousin ripped into gifts.  One Christmas gathering after another and she finally got excited to open her own gifts.  We spent most of the time rescuing her from family members that didn’t understand she basically hates all people.

It seems that our little one has decided to take some big leaps and bounds over the holidays though.  A time when most don’t focus on making changes with their little ones, sometimes they do it for us.  Our schedules were completely off and we ran from here and there but somewhere in there, my terrible little sleeper, decided to start sleeping through the night.  Just like that.  No need for a cup of milk, no need for a snuggle and no need for sleep training or what not.  Happily (finally) exclaims “night, night!” and takes off to her room on her own.  Ready to go to bed whether the clock says it is time or not. She is still on two very long naps a day.  I’m certainly not ready to give up one of those naps and she doesn’t seem to be either.

She has also started letting us know when she needs a new diaper.  She will come up and tap the front of her diaper and then drags us to her changing table.  We still need to keep a onesie on her at all times or she will take that diaper off and take a wee on the floor.  I’m assuming this is all a good sign for potty training one day but I have no desire to start that right now.

The child has a ton of words and will repeat the ones you don’t want her to say.  She has also decided to start actually taking an interest in signing.  Which some find it nice for their babies to sign for basic communication, it is necessary in my home as both in-laws are deaf.  So she isn’t just learning basics, she is learning the full language from her Dad who is fluent.  Me, not fluent, but also learning.  All in all it is amazing how helpful this can be.  Her favorite thing to sign is “help” which she constantly uses in the truck because she wants help getting out of her car seat….while driving down the road.  I have never seen a kid hate the car so much.

We are completely off of jar food and feeding her is finally something that doesn’t give me complete anxiety.  She is finally getting better about food in general.  She still doesn’t care for any form of meat but that is okay.  Her favorite thing is cheese so if there was one sign she learned fast was “eat cheese.”  She will ask everyone for cheese just in case you are hoarding some in your purse.

At 14 months old she is at 20lbs and still in 12 month clothing.  Her puppy is her best friend.  I finally was able to put the top of her hair in a pony!  She still rocks only 6 teeth but man, I can see about 4 coming in right now.  Ouch.  Hence, a lovely mood.  Her favorite toys are still anything to do with wheels.  She loves to ask for the music to be turned on in the kitchen so she can dance around.  For Christmas we got her a Pottery Barn anytime chair.  Let me tell you….she loves that damn thing.  She has always been a bit obsessed with chairs and she sits on this like it is her throne.  She has made leaps and bounds in swimming lessons, which blows my mind and we are soon starting our second session.  She still hates people.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays as well and are off to a great 2017!


9 thoughts on “Post Holidays and 14 Months

  1. Hooray!!! I’m so glad that she made the decision herself to start sleeping through the night! So much less stress for you guys and now you can sleep the whole night through! Happy times in your household!!!

  2. I remember my son (just turned 20 – crying) with his teddy in hand dragging behind him going down the hall saying night night – his bright red hair (which was ready when born for a pony (daughter had none for a year!) and that bear was the cutest thing.

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